The application process explained

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Brand new to Camp America

Brand new to Camp America

Get even more from a summer with Camp America

  1. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to start off by registering for Camp America! Click here to sign up now.
  2. Before we can confirm your place on the programme, you will need to complete your Camp America application and successfully pass your interview.
  3. Once you have been accepted onto Camp America you can then apply to take part in this programme.

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Camp America Returners

Camp America Returners

The perfect excuse to do one more summer

  1. Make sure you’ve registered to return to camp and pay your first deposit! Click here and re-register NOW if you haven’t already.
  2. If you’re planning on going to a new camp, you will also need to pass an interview with a Camp America representative.
  3. You can then enrol for the programme and a member of our team will be in contact with you.

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Past Participants

Past Participants

Put the good memories to good use

  1. First you’ll need to tell us more about your previous Camp America experience and education by completing the short enrolment form.
  2. There are no restrictions regarding how long ago you took part on the programme, as you can complete a reflective assignment.
  3. Once you are accepted onto the programme, your tutor will contact you to discuss what happens next.

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Applications for the Camp America Graduate programme are currently closed.

What happens next...

The Process

The application process is split into 2 stages between Camp America and University of Central Lancashire.

Firstly you are required to complete our enrolment form. This will require you to write a personal statement explaining why you wish to do the programme, detail your employment and camp history, submit 2 references and detail your undergraduate degree experience.

If you are taking part in the Camp America programme this summer, you will also be required to pass the application stage and Camp America Returners will need to confirm their camp placement.

After you have completed your enrolment form, your details will then be passed on to your programme tutor who will review your application.

Upon acceptance, your tutor will make contact with you to to discuss the programme and the assignment requirements in more detail.

To confirm your place on the programme, you will then be required to make your payment.

UCLan will then issue you with the university specific details that you’ll need to complete the programme i.e. logins, email addresses, programme materials etc.

The Timeline

Enrolment for the programme will run from January through until May. After enrolling you can then start gathering ideas for your area of research, assignment title etc ready for the residential and tutor meetings in September.

If you’re going to camp, you will depart in May/June. During the summer you will build your logs, portfolio that will form the basis of your assignment which you can then write up on your return and submit by the hand in date which will be determined once you have enrolled, usually around early December.

If you’re writing a reflective assignment based on your previous Camp America experience, you can begin writing your assignment from the time you have enrolled to submit by the set hand in date.

After the programme

​After you’ve completed your 20 credit module, you will have the opportintuity to enrol onto the next programme which offers 40 credits. This next level will require you to submit an 8,000 word assignment.

Enrolments for this programme will be offered to you upon completion of your first year.